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If you’ve ever had your hair shampooed at a salon, you know how incredible it feels to have your scalp massaged. Rumson Therapeutic & Sports Massage can take that feeling to the next level by providing you with relaxing scalp massage services in Rumson, NJ. During a 30 or 45-minute scalp massage, you your troubles can drift away as the pain, tension, and stress that you normally feel in your head, neck, and shoulders disappears. It’ll feel like pure bliss for the entire time.

Your therapist will begin by working on the muscles located all along the occipital ridge that’s positioned right at the base of your skull, which will cause your shoulders to drop and allow he or she to move your neck freely. From there, he or she will continue massaging your head, neck, and shoulders until tension dissipates and you feel free of any stress that was previously weighing you down.

One of the best parts of this type of massage, outside of the way you’ll feel during them, is that you can remain fully dressed throughout them. The only thing you’ll need to remove is your shoes. That means you can pop into Rumson Therapeutic & Sports Massage on your lunch break or after a long day at the office and get yourself together quickly before heading back out into the world, fully relaxed. You can also choose to incorporate a scalp massage into one of the other classic therapy sessions if you would like.

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