Peri- and Pre-Natal Massages

The female body and its ability to grow and carry a child for nine months is a truly incredible wonder. However, it can take a serious toll on the mother’s body, causing muscles aches, swollen feet and other pains. All of this can cause her to feel more stress and tension than she’s ever felt as she inches closer and closer to her due date. Whether you yourself are pregnant or you have a loved one who is, there’s nothing like treating the mind, body, and soul with our specialized massages for peri and pre-natal women in Rumson, NJ.

One of the reasons women feel so much pain when they’re pregnant is because their pelvis typically flattens out all the various ligaments that are in their hips, thighs, and knees. This can make their joints ache and cause pain in the lower back and legs. Our therapists will work diligently to take the aches and pains of pregnancy away. We will surround her with soft pillows and nurture her through a variety of massage techniques reserved especially for those who are with child.

These massages can reduce stress dramatically and make a woman feel more relaxed. They can bring blood pressure down, increase circulation, and, in some cases, get rid of varicose veins. And they can also be used after birth during postpartum recovery. Whether you’d like to treat yourself to one or are looking for the perfect shower gift, peri and pre-natal massages are great for anyone preparing to bring a new life into the world.

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