What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

How does MLD help with cancer treatment?

What is the lymph system?

What is MLD?

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), is a decongestive therapy developed by Danish physiotherapist Dr. Emil Vodder in 1936.  Stationed in the French Rivera, Dr. Vodder and his wife began by treating patients who were recuperating from chronic colds. Vodder noted all the patients suffered from swollen lymph nodes. Over time, he developed what was then a revolutionary treatment.

Designed to facilitate the natural detoxifying ability of the lymphatic system, Dr. Vodder’s method of slow, rhythmic massage, alternated with specific rotating and pumping movements of the hands and thumbs, had great benefit for his patients.

Today, trained practitioners of Dr. Vodder’s method report MLD helpful in:


How does MLD help with Cancer Treatment?

For cancer patients in particular, MLD, like acupuncture and other healing modalities, has proven to be invaluable as a complement to traditional medical treatment. The effectiveness of modern chemotherapy in treating cancers is unsurpassed. But after treatment, the body can be so overwhelmed with toxic drugs it can overtax the lymph system and exhaust the body of energy. MLD offers some help in maintaining normalcy during a time when life, for many cancer patients, is anything but normal. Our clients undergoing chemotherapy have reported that MLD improves their quality of life. Many have reported of having less down time after treatments, with faster recovery. In addition, many MLD patients have seen improvements with appetite and sleep. Our patients tell us that their oncologists have been astonished by the high red blood cell counts in patients that are receiving regular MLD.


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What is the Lymph system?

A healthy lymphatic system is a key player in the body’s natural ability to detoxify.  Recognized in Europe and the Far East as an essential element in maintaining good health, the lymphatic system is often overlooked in Western medicine until disease occurs.

The lymph system consists of lymph fluids, lymph nodes and lymphatic tissues, which work together to isolate infection and other pathogens and then flush them out of the body. Lymphatic fluids travel throughout the body in a system of ducts and vessels. These fluids are constantly on the lookout for foreign elements, isolating infection and other pathogens so they don’t infect or alter the body. Lymph tissue is crucial in the generation and storing of infection-fighting white blood cells and bone marrow, which generates B-cell lymphocytes. Lymph nodes, which are found throughout the body, act as filtration points along the system.  Like the network of veins and arteries that supply the body with blood, the lymphatic system has many branches that work together.

In a healthy body, the lymph system is able to process and flush out all the toxins it encounters. In cases of illness, or when there are more toxins than the body can handle, the lymph system backs up, much like a storm system overwhelmed by too much rain. This can result in swelling called lymphedema, which often is an indication of illness.

MLD is a therapy that can alleviate this swelling and blockages in the lymphatic system, allowing the body to naturally restore itself to health and balance.

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