CranioSacral Therapy Services

Stress and tension can do a lot of damage to your body if you don’t take the time to address the issues. You may deal with chronic headaches, stiffness in your neck and jaw, and even pelvic pain if you don’t work to prevent stress and tension from building up. Rumson Therapeutic & Sports Massage can help you release stress and tension through craniosacral therapy and massages.

For this service, one of our massage therapist will work on improving the flow of the cerebrospinal fluids that are located in your craniosacral system. He or she will make small adjustments to the soft tissue and bones in your head, spine, and pelvis by using light pressure-point touch. This will let out any tension or stress that you have in these areas and help decompress your head, back, and spine in the process. It will also promote healing throughout your body.

Outside of helping those with stress-related conditions, craniosacral therapy and massage has also been shown to benefit those suffering from constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, sinus infections, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, and more.

If you’d like to set up craniosacral therapy and massage in Rumson, NJ for yourself or find out more about how it could potentially help you, contact Rumson Therapeutic & Sports Massage at 732-842-2555 today.



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