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Your massage can be tailored to your preferences. For instance, you can start with 30 minutes of Swedish Massage balanced with 30 minutes of Reflexology or Cranio-Sacral. Ask us about creating a program just for you
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About Us

Classic Therapies

Treatment that feels like treats! These are hands-down favorites for soothing sore, overworked muscles, vanquishing tension and lifting your spirits. And you can combine Classic Therapies together, or with a Specialty Therapy for your own unique program.


The classic! A totally indulgent full-body massage that soothes tired, tight muscles, stimulates circulation and is utterly relaxing. Your therapist can customize the pressure and target problem areas to ensure you receive the most therapeutic benefit. From 30 minutes to 2 hrs. See our rates menu, or call.

Scalp Massage

A wonderful introduction to massage that melts away tension and energizes. If you ever wished your salon shampoo could last more than 5 minutes, a Scalp Massage is pure bliss. Focusing solely on the head, neck and shoulders--often the nexus of pain and stress-based tension--the therapist coaxes muscles along the occipital ridge at the base of the skull to relax, thus allowing the shoulders to drop and creating freer range of motion in the neck. Can be performed while you are fully dressed (the only thing you take off are your shoes), so you can de-stress easily. (30 or 45 minutes.) Can be incorporated into longer sessions with other therapies.

Sports Massage

Practice and repetitive training can cause over-development of certain muscle groups and disturb natural alignment leading to weakness, injury or strain. Our customized Sports Massage is designed to get the body back in balance using a combination of techniques to address specific sports-related aches and pains and finishes with a gentle stretching session. A restorative gift for your favorite tennis player, golfer, runner, swimmer or high-school athlete. (60 minutes.) Can be incorporated into longer sessions with other therapies such as Swedish massage or Reflexology.

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